The Devil Made Us Do It - Limited Edition Vinyl - £13.00

Only 666 pressed up - once they're gone they're gone!

'The Sunny Bastards released The Devil Made Us Do It is quite simply one of the greatest rock 'n' roll albums of the past decade' READ REVIEW @ RINGMASTER

'If Uber Rock rated album out of 10 (which it doesn't) this would have to be a 10/10.' - READ REVIEW @ UBER ROCK

'What they've offered up to us here is the best of the best 8/10'. - READ REVIEW @ HIT THE FLOOR

'Chalk full of the heavy upright bass thumping, iconic distorted guitars and a strong country twang psychobilly fans crave' - READ REVIEW @ THE PUNK SITE

'It's a 13 track psychobilly, rockabilly monster of an album' - READ REVIEW @ PUNK GLOBE

'We are talking more Wild West than barn dance!' - READ REVIEW @ THE SOUL OF A CLOWN

'It's not deep, not brutal and not hardcore, but it is a hell of a lot of fun' - READ REVIEW @ GET YOUR ROCK OUT

'A hugely rewarding rock 'n' roll album' - READ REVIEW @ LOUDER THAN WAR

'These are the cowboys you have been looking for 7/10' - READ REVIEW @ BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE